November 2005

Extreme Alex Puking

So you guys know about Extreme Holly, well how about Extreme Alex? Extreme Alex just released her harcore site full of movies and pics. One of the first movies out there is this one in which Extreme Alex is wearing a strap on, and gagging her hot friend with it. So you will see Extreme Alex make her friend puke eventually. But then, out of no where, Extreme Alex just starts puking all over this bitch. The amount of puke is ungodly. It’s like in that movie Team America, where the puppet just pukes and pukes and pukes? It’s just like that. A lovely shade too.
This is just one of the crazy movies with Extreme Alex. This site is produced by the same people who brought you Extreme Holly. Which actually subscribed to. I think Holly is hot, and the shit she does is beyond anything I have ever seen on the net. The word is, Extreme Alex is going to try and out do Extreme Holly every week. So you know this site will be off the hook. I am actually going to sign up for it this week, as soon as “the man” gives me my check.
Now the difference between Extreme Alex and Extreme Holly is really only one thing. Their looks. Extreme Holly is a dark haired brunette. Holly also has a huge set of DD tits, they may even be bigger than that. Extreme Alex is a blonde… most of the time. I have seen her with really long hair in some scenes, and others where it is short. So maybe they were extensions or some shit. Extreme Alex has a real set of C cup tits. They are nice as hell too. Still have a lot of perk to them. Alex has baby blue eyes, Holly brown. But honestly, other than their looks, these girls share a whole lot in common. Like fucking random strangers, getting puked on, or puking on someone, pissing, gagging and everything inbetween.

Mr. Dean

What is this you ask? Well, I have to keep an some what even playing field for my gay surfers. So here is a little something just for them. Let me introduce you to this straight male model named Mr. Dean. All of the straight surfers out there may ask why this straight model is a treat for gay surfers? I have asked that question many times. But as it turns out, along with all the other crazy fetishes out there, straight men are a huge turn on for gay men. I suppose it’s like us straight guys getting to take a girl’s virginity. The same applies for butt virgins I guess.

So I will do my best to explain this gallery without sounding like a straight male asshole.

Mr. Dean is a 6’5″ black straight male who was low on a little cash. He needed just a few extra bucks to make his car payment. So he answered an ad in his local newspaper. It was for straight male models. So he called, set up the appointment and went in for the interview. Everything seemed to be going well, and it looked as if he would earn that extra cash he needed to make ends meet. Then things got a little weird for him.

Mr Dean

The man behind the camera slowly convinces Mr. Dean to take off all his clothes. It started with the shirt. By looking at Dean, you can tell he takes care of himself, and taking his shirt off is no biggie for him. Then he is coaxed into taking of his shorts. The cameraman wanted to see his tighty whitie undies. He admits it was a little weird, but he needed the cash so he gave in. Then when the cameraman asks Dean to play with himself for the camera, Dean declines. It wasn’t until some more cold hard cash was offered up that Dean accepts the offer. So Dean lubes up his 10″ cock and begins jacking it. The rest… well you have to watch the movie!

Straight Male

Jamine Tame has been gaining popularity over the last few months. I am getting tons of searchs, emails and requests for Jasmine Tame. So much so that I gave in a posted some of her work. For those that may not know Jasmine, I will give you a small introduction. Jasmine is a 20 year old babe with a very cute face, nice body overall but the biggest attraction is her HUGE tits. They are firm big and fake. So they stand up on end waiting for a cock to cum between them. She has done a huge variety of niches, from interracial, footjobs, hand job movies, etc etc. So I will give you a few to choose from.

Here you go!

handjob movie from
I have been checking this site out for a while now and I must say they have their shit together. All exclusive content of the hottest teens in the biz. Julia Bond from my last post and now Jasmine Tame in this post. These are only 2 of the dozens of HOT handjob movies they offer. So here you go.

Jasmine handjob

Jasmine Tame handjob

Jasmine has done some fucking incredible interracial work too. This next gallery I am about to show you is from a cuckold movie starring Jasmine Tame. Don’t know what a cuckold is? That’s ok, alot of people do not. Here’s the deal, a married couple brings in another man to the relationship. The wife gets to enjoy the new man while the husband gets to only watch. Easy enough. So Jasmine brings in her hubby and lets him watch as she gets pounded by a 11 inch black stud.

Jasmine Tame Blacks on Blondes

Here is an older scene with Jasmine giving a footjob. She was just as hot back then too. For those of you who are foot fetish fans, this is where you need to be looking for movies.

Jasmine Tame footjob

Julia Bond Handjob

BREAKING NEWS!! NEW HAND JOB SITE…. no lame dialog, no stupid stories, just a good ol’ beating!

A brand new site. This could very well be the first gallery you will see for it. This is Julia Bond, and she is starring in this hand job movie found at! Here is one thing I REALLY like about these movies. You don’t get any annoying cameraman, no lame story, but you DO GET the model talking directly to you. It’s like you are getting the hand job. She just talks right to the camera, and there is no other dialog. And Julia talks really really dirty in this one. This site gets a HUGE A++++ from me. I already rubbed one out to this gallery!

Julia is a fresh 18 year old hottie. It’s true too, she turned 18 earlier this year. In this hot hand job movie, Julia shows off her great body. But before I even get to that, I want to start with her face! Take a look. I would say she has a solid 8 for a face. Her eyes are beautiful and he hair is amazing too. If you noticed a small little flicker of light near her lip, don’t adjust your screen. That is her “Marilyn” piercing. If you are lucky you will get to see Julia’s other piercing!

Julia Bond Tits
Now onto her 10 body. Look at those tits. Big, and best of all, they have that 18 year old firmness to them. No flap jack tits, no flab, nothing wrong with them at all. They are perfect! Moving down to her ass. She has a great ass too. One very fun feature is her tattoo. “Daddy’s Little Girl” on her lower back. May as well be a bullseye!

Julia Band Ass

In this movie Julia gives one fucking messy hand job. It’s not your standard porn lube either. Can you say old school tub of vaseline? That’s exactly what Julia is using here. Handfulls of vaseline are layered onto a nice hard dick. She just jacks away. Her favorite part of the movie? How about when the dick cums all over her face and her 18 year old firm tits. That’s exactly what she says!

Julia Bond Handjob

See Her Squirt

There are alot of people out there who are really into squirting. Seeing a girl squirt all over becuase a dude has fucked her silly is pretty fun to watch. Mostly because when they squirt they are really into it. It’s not some chick faking to like being fucked by a sloppy old man or something. It’s real. They’re screaming, moaning, saying all sorts of fucked up shit, and then… they squirt a gallon or so. It’s fun stuff.

So here is a squirting gallery. I found this latina honey after surfing for some squirting movies myself. Mackayla is hot. She has the nice D cup tits. They look good too. They are firm, have NICE nipples and don’t look fake or store bought. The rest of her body is tight too. She is definitly in shape.

In the first squirting clip, Mackayla admits she has never squirted before. She wants to squirt in her man’s face but never has. The camera woman, that’s right a woman is filming this, asks her if she is ready to squirt. Mackayla sure is.

The second clip is where all the goods are. Mackayla is getting fucked hard by some black stud. It looks like he has the dick to make any woman squirt. Let’s not get into that too much more. So he pounding away and Mackayla starts going nuts. She tells him to “make me squirt” and right as the stud pulls out, a huge squirt comes out of her pussy. A big one too, not your average dixie cup filling squirt. It’s more a long the lines of a big gulp. Can you imagine? A big gulp full of pussy squirt.

Then the scene ends with the money shot. The girl squirted, why not her man. He does about the same. A HUGE mess falls right on the lips of Mackayla. Both of them squirted, although Mackayla more so than Joe Blow there. And the whole scene became a wet mess of jizz and juice.

Erection and SPring

Ok, so you may have seen her. But I guarantee you this, unless you are a member you have NOT seen this movie. It’s brand spanking new. And like all of her movies it’s fucking off-the-hook. If you have never seen ST before, then let me give you a brief run down. Spring Thomas is the interracial teen queen. She only does black dudes, and there is only one other requirement. They have to be packing atleast 9″ of meat. That is the smallest she will take. This means even if you are in the 10% of white males that have a 9″ dick, you’re still out cause your fucking white LOL.

So in these Spring Thomas movies, Spring heads out to her local adult bookstore because she has heard about a new gloryhole that has popped up there. Spring has done exactly 3 gloryhole scenes. One when she was a n00b, one with a white boy watching and this one. Starring Spring Thomas and “Erection”. Erection is the lucky nigga that was on the other side of the gloryhole. When Spring takes a look through the gloryhole and sees what she likes, a cordial invite is extended to Erection. He gladly accepts…nooch!

What was supposed to be a quick dick sucking venture, turns into an all out sex fest. And who better to look at, or hear yell obscenities, than super hot Spring. Fuck, she gets loud in this one too. I am seriously surprised the bookstore owner didn’t bust into the booth, but who knows, he could be in on the whole thing too.

I have to say, my favorite part of this scene is when Spring Thomas has a belt around her neck, a 10″ cock in her twat, and her cameraman asks who she is fucking. Her reply? “I don’t know! I DON’T FUCKING KNOW!!!! And that’s the truth too. She walks in, finds the ghole, finds a nasty black dude on the other side, and it’s time for fun. Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the size of the load she takes all over her glossy lips. It’s like a full litre of fucking black seed. I would compare this pop shot to say… a super soaker loaded to the max with liquid dove soap. Yes, it is seriously that milky and messy!


Okay okay. I know you may have gotten in here wondering WTF? Where are all the galleries. Well I have decided to change it up a bit. Fuck posting random galleries. Fuck shitty porn. From now on I will be posting one gallery here a day. And it will be a DAMN GOOD ONE. I hope everyone keeps coming back. It will be updated. And I will be writing everything you read here from now on. I will start doing a bit of reviewing, mostly posting hot sluts, and there will be a few links. Mostly to blogs, some to TGP’s… you get the point. So here is the first New format post!

Mr. Chews Asian Beaver! Man what a site. Something about asian sluts does it for me. Hell I grew up on the song where they sample that chineese chick saying “me ruv j00 rong time”. So that could be where it started. Also, my first fuck was a gook. Seriously. And I don’t mean gook in a bad way. Shit I am a cracka, a honky, the white devil etc. Gook is loving. She let me call her that too. Like when your close black friends let you say Nigga around them.
So here is one hot gook. Jasmine. It’s not everyday you see a yellow broad with a great rack like Jasmine. But at Mr. Chews Asian Beaver, you get just that. A fucking hot asian cutie, big ol’ titties and all. Wanna know what else is rare with Jasmine? Look at that ass. It’s perfect. Most asians don’t have that much junk in tha trunk. Seriously!
Just wait till you see this hot slut fuck too. Half the shit she is saying is in… um… “asian”? Sounds like a bunch of pots and pans getting thrown down the stairs (you know that’s how they name their kids right?) So she’s screaming and the white devil is just pouding away! Take a look at Jasmines face. Her eyes are squinting with pain… I mean ethnicity. Wait, what’s that? Oh man, she’s rubbing her clit too! Now click on that banner and watch the whole fucking movie. At then end, the honky shoots his rice milk in a “rearry rearry speciah prace!” ONly at Mr. Chews Asian Beaver! nooch