Extreme Alex Puking

So you guys know about Extreme Holly, well how about Extreme Alex? Extreme Alex just released her harcore site full of movies and pics. One of the first movies out there is this one in which Extreme Alex is wearing a strap on, and gagging her hot friend with it. So you will see Extreme Alex make her friend puke eventually. But then, out of no where, Extreme Alex just starts puking all over this bitch. The amount of puke is ungodly. It’s like in that movie Team America, where the puppet just pukes and pukes and pukes? It’s just like that. A lovely shade too.
This is just one of the crazy movies with Extreme Alex. This site is produced by the same people who brought you Extreme Holly. Which actually subscribed to. I think Holly is hot, and the shit she does is beyond anything I have ever seen on the net. The word is, Extreme Alex is going to try and out do Extreme Holly every week. So you know this site will be off the hook. I am actually going to sign up for it this week, as soon as “the man” gives me my check.
Now the difference between Extreme Alex and Extreme Holly is really only one thing. Their looks. Extreme Holly is a dark haired brunette. Holly also has a huge set of DD tits, they may even be bigger than that. Extreme Alex is a blonde… most of the time. I have seen her with really long hair in some scenes, and others where it is short. So maybe they were extensions or some shit. Extreme Alex has a real set of C cup tits. They are nice as hell too. Still have a lot of perk to them. Alex has baby blue eyes, Holly brown. But honestly, other than their looks, these girls share a whole lot in common. Like fucking random strangers, getting puked on, or puking on someone, pissing, gagging and everything inbetween.