See Her Squirt

There are alot of people out there who are really into squirting. Seeing a girl squirt all over becuase a dude has fucked her silly is pretty fun to watch. Mostly because when they squirt they are really into it. It’s not some chick faking to like being fucked by a sloppy old man or something. It’s real. They’re screaming, moaning, saying all sorts of fucked up shit, and then… they squirt a gallon or so. It’s fun stuff.

So here is a squirting gallery. I found this latina honey after surfing for some squirting movies myself. Mackayla is hot. She has the nice D cup tits. They look good too. They are firm, have NICE nipples and don’t look fake or store bought. The rest of her body is tight too. She is definitly in shape.

In the first squirting clip, Mackayla admits she has never squirted before. She wants to squirt in her man’s face but never has. The camera woman, that’s right a woman is filming this, asks her if she is ready to squirt. Mackayla sure is.

The second clip is where all the goods are. Mackayla is getting fucked hard by some black stud. It looks like he has the dick to make any woman squirt. Let’s not get into that too much more. So he pounding away and Mackayla starts going nuts. She tells him to “make me squirt” and right as the stud pulls out, a huge squirt comes out of her pussy. A big one too, not your average dixie cup filling squirt. It’s more a long the lines of a big gulp. Can you imagine? A big gulp full of pussy squirt.

Then the scene ends with the money shot. The girl squirted, why not her man. He does about the same. A HUGE mess falls right on the lips of Mackayla. Both of them squirted, although Mackayla more so than Joe Blow there. And the whole scene became a wet mess of jizz and juice.