Erection and SPring

Ok, so you may have seen her. But I guarantee you this, unless you are a member you have NOT seen this movie. It’s brand spanking new. And like all of her movies it’s fucking off-the-hook. If you have never seen ST before, then let me give you a brief run down. Spring Thomas is the interracial teen queen. She only does black dudes, and there is only one other requirement. They have to be packing atleast 9″ of meat. That is the smallest she will take. This means even if you are in the 10% of white males that have a 9″ dick, you’re still out cause your fucking white LOL.

So in these Spring Thomas movies, Spring heads out to her local adult bookstore because she has heard about a new gloryhole that has popped up there. Spring has done exactly 3 gloryhole scenes. One when she was a n00b, one with a white boy watching and this one. Starring Spring Thomas and “Erection”. Erection is the lucky nigga that was on the other side of the gloryhole. When Spring takes a look through the gloryhole and sees what she likes, a cordial invite is extended to Erection. He gladly accepts…nooch!

What was supposed to be a quick dick sucking venture, turns into an all out sex fest. And who better to look at, or hear yell obscenities, than super hot Spring. Fuck, she gets loud in this one too. I am seriously surprised the bookstore owner didn’t bust into the booth, but who knows, he could be in on the whole thing too.

I have to say, my favorite part of this scene is when Spring Thomas has a belt around her neck, a 10″ cock in her twat, and her cameraman asks who she is fucking. Her reply? “I don’t know! I DON’T FUCKING KNOW!!!! And that’s the truth too. She walks in, finds the ghole, finds a nasty black dude on the other side, and it’s time for fun. Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the size of the load she takes all over her glossy lips. It’s like a full litre of fucking black seed. I would compare this pop shot to say… a super soaker loaded to the max with liquid dove soap. Yes, it is seriously that milky and messy!