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Hi Guys! My name is Alysa West, and I’m 18 years old. I’m about 5’3", 110, and I’ve got natrual DD breats. I just got into this porno gig not too long ago, and so far I really like it! A lot of times I get asked "Why do you do porn?" and I have to say cause I luv dick! I mean I LUV it. I luv to suck and fuck, and you know what I really luv? To jack one off. See, I used to give LOTS of handjobs when I first got sexually active, so I know how to do it. Really really well. I’ve made guys blow their load sometimes only after a few minutes of jacking them. Oh, and the bigger the better as far a I’m concerned! You should see what I do today at!! I stroke a guy and talk really really dirty. Then I get nude and show off my huge DD’s. Then I get back to work on the dick, and sure enough he shot a big fuckin’ load all over my big fuckin’ tits! Hee hee. It was kinda gross, and kinda good…in a naughty way! So, enjoy!! I know I did!!! XOXO – Alyssa

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