February 2006

Leah Luv!!! Look at Leah. Just turning 18 and diving head first into the porn world. But in these movies, she is doing her specialty. A Leah Luv handjob. That’s right you lucky men out there. Leah loves giving handjobs, especially sloppy wet ones. And wait till you see what she uses here. The old jar of vaseline. A freakin JAR! Her hands are completely covered in lube slim when she lathers up that cock. But first, before the handjob, Leah has to strip down to the nude. You see, this is the way she perfers to stroke a cock. Who would blame her? I know the guy on the receiving end of that hand job must love it too.

Once Leah is all ready to go, she wastes no more time getting right to the goods. She unbuttons the dude’s pants and begins to pull and tug on his cock like no other. Whether it was one handed or 2 handed, she made sure those hands were very gooey and always pays attention to the family jewels. What a good girl Leah is. The best part too, is Leah talks right to you. No fucking lame story, or interview. All you hear is the fap fap fap of a hard cock getting beat. I know you guys are going to love Leah’s handjob.

Leah Luv is a still in braces teen and to see more of her giving a


Check out the thumbs on the left.

As you can see, there is a new look. A new feel and a lot of new things going to be happening over the next few weeks. So check back very soon and you will be very pleased.