November 2007

Laila Mason Works For Load
Laila Mason Works For Load @
Laila Mason’s my name, and jerking dong is my game! Hee hee! I’m such a nerd! Guess what? I used to work at a corporate donut / ice cream store. Now here I am pulling dick for my money! How weird is that?! I mean one minute it seems like I’m scooping vanilla ice cream, and the next I’m pulling sperm from a stranger’s balls! I worked hard for today’s load, and when he came, he *really* came! What a load! He blew it all over my puffy nipples! All over my pony tails! All over my hands and legs! What a mess I was! Afterward I had to run into the shower to clean all the filth from my body!! Ew!!! Gross!! (But I loved every second of it!) ; – ) XOXOXOXO — Laila

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Madison Scott Jerks And EatsMadison Scott Jerks And Eats
Madison Scott Jerks And Eats @
Hello! As you probably know, my name is Madison Scott. You can call me a barely-legal. You can also call me a spinner. I’m also your LMT today. You hired me to work all the tension out of your body, and that’s what I’m here to do. I’ll start you on your stomach, and I’ll slowly work the knots out of your back side. And when I say back side, I think you know I’m serious. Then, I’ll turn you over and work everything on your front side. Wow! I see you’re happy now! What a nice cock you have!! Of course I’ll work that, too, so you’re relieved and carry less stress. What’s that you say? You’d like me to lay down and jerk you over my open, eager mouth? My teeny slut mouth? But what am I supposed to do when I jerk that big load out of your balls? Hee hee. Of course I know what to do! I’ll put it in my mouth, and then I’ll spit it out into my hand so you can see how much you blew, and then I’ll put it back in my mouth to get my daily intake of protein! ; – ) I know you’ll feel much better after our session, too!!
Madison Scott Jerks And EatsMadison Scott Jerks And Eats

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Michelle Sweet
Michelle Sweet @
My name is Michelle Sweet and I guess you can call me a handjob slut, sure. I mean I’ll jerk just about anyone’s dick anywhere. I really don’t care who it is or how big it is…I just love the feeling of working a man’s load out of his balls using only my hands. The story I told today is true, by the way. The one about the older man who picked me up at the library where I was studying for my finals. We chatted a bit and then he took my out to his van to show me "his new guitar". I knew he wanted to show me more than that, and he did! I worked a huge load out of his balls right in the library parking lot, just like I worked a huge load out of the dude’s balls I milked today for Manojob! I was a mess when this scene was all said and done! Like I said…call me a handjob slut!!

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Lexi Jerks A Big OneLexi Jerks A Big One
Lexi Jerks A Big One @
You already know my name is Lexi and I’m a southern girl. You know that cause I’ve been here before! You also know I’m less that 5 feet tall, and I weigh less than 90 pounds. And since this is my second time at, y’all know I love to jerk. I’ll admit one thing right here and now…I’m a size queen. That means I love them big. The bigger the better!! Since I’m a tiny little thing, big dicks look even bigger when I’m jerkin’ them, and they really fill up my tiny pink hole. I work a huge load out of the big-dicked dude I jerked today, and then I swallowed it all…but it was *so* big I gagged on it a little bit. Hope you don’t mind! I also hope I can cum back to work for the thugz again! ; – ) Hugs & Kisses — Lexi Leigh
Lexi Jerks A Big OneLexi Jerks A Big One

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Cadence Makes It Explode!
Cadence Makes It Explode! @
Hey Dudes! It’s me, Cadence Caliber, and I’m back at to jerk off a random guy. You guys all know how much I love to stroke a cock, and what a hard time I have keeping it out of my mouth while I’m working that cock with my hands. I’m such a slut, and you know what? I’m OK with that! I’ve jerked so many random strangers at various places like bars and clubs and public parks that I’ve become an expert at making a dick explode. You should see the orgasm I give to the dude I jerked for this scene. I mean it’s like a fireworks show! The jizz flew *all over* the joint. It got all over me, too: my legs, my arms, my hands (of course) and well as my face and even my hair! And trust me, you don’t want to sit on the couch where I jerked him, either! HAHA. XOXO – Cadence

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Audry ElsonAudry Elson
Audry Elson @
Hi! I’m Audrey, and I’m here today to give someone a handjob, cause I’m a handjob slut. I’ve been a slut for handjobs for a long time now…as long as I can remember. Back when I was in school I was so naughty! See, to me a handjob really isn’t "sex", you know? That means I’ll give *anyone* a handie, and that’s pretty much all I ever did. I didn’t really care who I was jerking, just as long as I was jerking someone. Young or old, fat or skinny…if you had a dick between your legs, I was jerking it! You’re gonna love today’s show…trust me. I jerked a stranger for you guys…someone I met about 2 minutes before I worked the load out of his nuts…and trust me, it was work…with a big reward. All over my face!
Audry ElsonAudry Elson

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Bree Barrett
Bree Barrett @
I’m Bree Barrett, and I’m here today to jerk a big dick. I’m from UT. That’s right…I’m a Mormon. And like most Mormon girls, I’m very naughty…but not in an obvious way. See, I do things like tease boys, and then use my hand to relieve their stress. I don’t let them fuck me, and I don’t use my mouth on them. I work that jizz out of those balls the old-fashioned way — I work it out with my hand. You should see the size of the dick I jerk today. He unloaded all over my tongue, and most of it fell to the floor. So get this….I pulled that cum off the floor and ate it. Oh my! I can’t believe I did it, too!!!

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Natasha. Nicer!Natasha. Nicer!
Natasha. Nicer! @
Heya Boys! I’m Natasha, and I’m back! Remember the first time I visited the Manojob studios? I jerked a HUGE black dick and using only my hands (and my dirty talk) I made it explode all over my cute face. Well, this time, I do the same. Kinda…I get nude (again). I show off my huge natural tits (again). Then I show off my huge clit! (Again!) Remember how big that clit is? The size of a number 2 pencil eraser!! And when I rub it, I lose my mind. After that, I make a boy lose his mind with my hands. My hands on his dick! Remember?! And this time I make the wad blow all over my huge titties! Enjoy!!!
Natasha. Nicer!Natasha. Nicer!

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Holly Wellin
Holly Wellin @
Hello everyone. I am Holly. I came here to do one thing today and that’s to wank a cock off. First I show off my body a little bit and play with my pussy before I wrap my hands around a cock to give some luck guy a wank session. I know what most guys like. Dirty talk, lots of spit and an open mouth to catch all the cum. I give this stud all that and more. You might be able to hear a little something in the background. It’s a church out front of the studio. They are protesting what we do here. They think being "naughty" is a sin and want to make it so we can’t have fun. This just made me feel more naughty and made me enjoy it even more. I think it will do the same thing for you too!

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Sakura @
Hi guys. I’m Sakura… Sakura Scott. I’m 20 and I’m from Cali. I got my nails done just for today. I am here to give a handjob, so I want my hands to look the best that they can. But before I get you off, I need to get myself off too. So I am going to play with my pussy for a bit before I tug on your dick. I hope you guys like my all natural, very soft breasts. I know that I would love for you to play with them. And I know you want to play with them as well. I want your cock in my hand right now. So I can stroke it until you cum all over me. And you know I will be able to make you cum.

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