Michelle Sweet
Michelle Sweet @ ManoJob.com
My name is Michelle Sweet and I guess you can call me a handjob slut, sure. I mean I’ll jerk just about anyone’s dick anywhere. I really don’t care who it is or how big it is…I just love the feeling of working a man’s load out of his balls using only my hands. The story I told today is true, by the way. The one about the older man who picked me up at the library where I was studying for my finals. We chatted a bit and then he took my out to his van to show me "his new guitar". I knew he wanted to show me more than that, and he did! I worked a huge load out of his balls right in the library parking lot, just like I worked a huge load out of the dude’s balls I milked today for Manojob! I was a mess when this scene was all said and done! Like I said…call me a handjob slut!!

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