Okay okay. I know you may have gotten in here wondering WTF? Where are all the galleries. Well I have decided to change it up a bit. Fuck posting random galleries. Fuck shitty porn. From now on I will be posting one gallery here a day. And it will be a DAMN GOOD ONE. I hope everyone keeps coming back. It will be updated. And I will be writing everything you read here from now on. I will start doing a bit of reviewing, mostly posting hot sluts, and there will be a few links. Mostly to blogs, some to TGP’s… you get the point. So here is the first New format post!

Mr. Chews Asian Beaver! Man what a site. Something about asian sluts does it for me. Hell I grew up on the song where they sample that chineese chick saying “me ruv j00 rong time”. So that could be where it started. Also, my first fuck was a gook. Seriously. And I don’t mean gook in a bad way. Shit I am a cracka, a honky, the white devil etc. Gook is loving. She let me call her that too. Like when your close black friends let you say Nigga around them.
So here is one hot gook. Jasmine. It’s not everyday you see a yellow broad with a great rack like Jasmine. But at Mr. Chews Asian Beaver, you get just that. A fucking hot asian cutie, big ol’ titties and all. Wanna know what else is rare with Jasmine? Look at that ass. It’s perfect. Most asians don’t have that much junk in tha trunk. Seriously!
Just wait till you see this hot slut fuck too. Half the shit she is saying is in… um… “asian”? Sounds like a bunch of pots and pans getting thrown down the stairs (you know that’s how they name their kids right?) So she’s screaming and the white devil is just pouding away! Take a look at Jasmines face. Her eyes are squinting with pain… I mean ethnicity. Wait, what’s that? Oh man, she’s rubbing her clit too! Now click on that banner and watch the whole fucking movie. At then end, the honky shoots his rice milk in a “rearry rearry speciah prace!” ONly at Mr. Chews Asian Beaver! nooch