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Hello. My name is Tricia Marx, and I’m the newest handjob slut on Funny name, isn’t it? MANOjob. HAHAHA. Oh well, I appreciate the humor. I *love* giving handies…I have since for as long as I can remember. To me, it’s a total turn-on to make a guy feel the very best he came just by using my hand. That’s all I use today, too. My hand. Not my mouth, or my ass, or my pussy – although I’ve been known to use those, too. Hee hee. Nope! Today it’s just my hand, and I jack off this total stranger until he unloads a massive et of cum into my mouth. Kinda surprised me, too! Oh well! One of the first times I ever gave a handie I got a forehead full of goo, so a few blasts in the mouth shouldn’t have surprised me…but it did!! Enjoy. I sure did! XOXO – Tricia

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