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Howdy Guys! My name is Serena Taylor, and I’m a barely-legal teen who loves to suck and jack off dick on camera. I do it off camera, too, but you’ll never know! 🙂 You should check out this scene. I show up at this total ghetto apartment that made me really nervous and not even 5 minutes after meeting this guy I give him a handjob. It was kinda crazy, I admit. And a total turn-on!! Anyway, I get nude, so you can see my 18 y.o. body. I think it’s pretty nice, and I’ve got really big titties. So get this…I was pretty horny, so after I get nude, and talk dirty to all you, I had an idea. The guy I was jacking off was laying down and I could tell he was ready to bust, and I asked him to stand up so he could bust all over my face!!! I’m naughty like that! 😉

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