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Roxxy West. That’s my name. Don’t wear it out! HAHAHA. I’m such a dork. Well, what do you expect from a small town girl? I just got into Los Angeles, right off the bus, and right into a porno studio, where I jacked off a huge black dick. I mean it’s huge. And the funny thing is as it got harder, it kept growing, and it never seemed to stop! Doing a handjob scene for my first scene was a cinch, cause I used to give lotsa "handies" – at school, at parties, in parks, in the woods…everywhere! I love jacking a dick, especially if I don’t know the guy – or just met him. I love jacking a dick till it makes a big ol’ mess, and you should see what this guy did today. He made a mess on a plate and I cleaned it off…with my tounge! Talk about WOW! Wait til you see it.

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