Presley Preston
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Dear Manojob Members: Say hello to Native American MILF hottie Presely! WARNING: This is not Presley Preston. We usually have the girls write, but Presley’s so new to this game she didn’t feel comfortable writing to you. She isn’t a porn star. This is her very first time ever doing something naughty in front of a camera. She couldn’t even really talk dirty during the movie, cause she was so embarrassed! This might be a bad thing, for some of you, because you love it at Manojob when the girls talk directly to you and you can’t hear a dude’s voice anywhere. Like phone sex, only you get to watch the girl jack a dick. However, you guys might love seeing a true amateur. A true first timer. Someone who’s never, ever, posed naked in front of a camera…let alone jerk a big dick off until it makes spewey directly into her beautiful Native American MILF face.

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