Leah Luv
Leah Luv @ ManoJob.com
Greetings from Leah! I really don’t know what to say. Um, I’m 20, 5’5", about 110, and I have small boobies. I have braces too. I mean I look younger than I am, but I’m 20. I’ve been doing porno a little while, and I really like it. I like the surprises it brings. Like when I walk on a set and I have no idea who I’m about to fuck…or suck…or whatever! LOL. I guess I’m kinda crazy in that way. So, today you get to see me do a handjob. Honestly, I’m so horny I’d rather fuck and suck, but a handie is also fine by me! I really liked today’s scene for Manojob…nice dick, I get nude, and I talk so trashy! And it’s kinda cool cause the guy never says a word. I just wax the ol’ carrot! Hhahahahhaha. Boy did this guy like it! I gave him this technique I learned a while back. I use two hands and I twist lightly while tugging. The result? A huge cum load all over the place! Boy did this guy squirt and make a mess! Now that I think of it, I shoulda ate some instead of just play with it! Oh well! There’s next time 🙂

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