Kori Kreams
Kori Kreams @ ManoJob.com
Hi Guys! My name is Kori Kreams, and to be totally honest with you, I’m new to all this. I done some stuff on camera with my boyfriend, and now I have a porno agent, and he’s getting my work, and one of my first jobs is here, for ManoJob. It’s funny, cause when people make dirty movies, I thought it was all fuck movies. Not here. I jack off a guy I don’t even know and talk dirty to the camera…well, to you, I guess. That’s the way it was explained to me, anyway. I’m not very good at dirty talk, but I try my hardest. It must have worked, cause this dude I jacked shot a geyser worth of sperm all over me. To tell you the honest truth, it was gross. Oh well…a girl’s gotta make her money, right?

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