Jackie Ashe
Jackie Ashe @ ManoJob.com
I’m Jackie Ashe. Hmmm…let’s see. I’m a teenager, almost 20, and I like exotic fish. I have a Lion Fish and a Puffer Fish. I like to go to movies and jack off random guys. I’m serious. My teen pussy gets all sloppy wet when I think about tugging on a guy’s member and making a big ol’ mess. I love older guys, too. Like 40 and 50. They’re mature and they have their shit together, unlike the boys my age. A mature man knows what he wants from life. Guys my age just want to drink beer and get off. There’s nothing wrong with getting off…but that’s all they care about! So anyway, I just a fat dick for ManoJob.com and make it squirt all over my cute face. Tee Hee. I rub my butt all over it, too. I had a lot of fun that day. Bye!

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