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Hey Guys! I’m Indica, and I guess you can call me a punk rock vegan hip-hop hand job slut! haha. Like my pink hair and my huge, natural teen tits? I just turned 18, and I needed some quick cash, so my friend hooked me up with the ManoJob crew, and here I am, for the very first time, doing something really naughty for the world to see! I’ve never done a video before, so I was totally nervous. I hope you don’t mind, cause I’m a free spirit, and nudity and sexuality don’t really bother me. Today I give this dude I met only moments before a handjob. That doesn’t matter, cause I give lots of handies to strangers in strange places. Today my new handjob pal squirts a massive load all over my tits, so I play with it and taste some. It was fun! I wonder what my second video is going to be!! Love, Indica!

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