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I see you looking. I see you looking at my ass…and my legs…my feet in these tight, black patent-leather shoes. Maybe you’re looking at my huge tits. The ones I’m smothering right now. Or is it these hands? It’s not about fucking you…definitely not. But I do want to play with you. I want to see how dirty you can get. How dirty we can get together. How far do I have to go to make you blow your big load all over my tits? What do I gotta do? What kind of dirty fantasies do I have to talk about? How much are you going to make me use my mind…rather than my mouth? Cause that’s the way most guys want it from a girl. But you’re different. You like to get so dirty, it’s almost clean. And it’s almost childish…juvenile…what we used to do in the movies when we were young. Handjobs. Manojobs…no one does that shit anymore. But I love it. Really, I do. So watch my light up a cigarette, talk filthy to you, and milk that cock of yours.

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