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Hey guys! It’s me, Erin Moore! I was asked to write a quick thingy about what I did on It’s a handjob site, and it’s really cool. Most of the girls on the site don’t do many handjob scenes, so that’s cool. And I must say I was looking pretty hot when I did my scene! A lot of guys tell me I’ve got a perfect set of tits, and an ass to match. I don’t want to sound stuck-up, so I’ll just say I think I look cute. I also love to talk dirty, and I did a lot of that today for ManoJob. I also got nude and played with my pussy. I also rubbed a dick all over my cunt before I rubbed it hard and fast and made it shoot a thick rope (or three) or jizz. Then it dribbled a lot of cum after that. I mean it was really messy. HAHAHAHAHHA. So anyways, enjoy the scene boys!

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