Emily Evermoore
Emily Evermoore @ ManoJob.com
My name is Emily, and today I’m your LMT. That’s "licenses massage therapist", in case you didn’t know! So, why don’t you turn over, since I’m done with your back, and let’s work out all of that nasty tension up front. Wow! You’ve got a nice chest! It’s tight, too! Very stressed. In fact, your whole front side feels very tight and hard….hee hee. Why don’t you put my hand over the area you think needs the most work. Ahhh. I thought so. I mean the towel was practically turned into a tent by that hard on of yours! Why don’t you watch me work this out – cause it’s my specialty. It’s what I do best. I’ll relieve all that stress using just my hands. I might have to take off all my clothes to do it, but you won’t mind, right? Hee hee….

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