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Um, let’s see. Where do I start? I’m not a very good writer, but one of the things I had to do if I took this job is write a little about that I did. So, with that said, my name is Desire Moore, and I’m a handjob slut. Which means I’ll give just about anyone a handjob if they buy me a drink. Or a nice dinner. Or if I’m at a bar, and I see a cute guy…I’ll jerk him if he asks. To me, a handie isn’t a big deal, in a sense. I mean it’s not like fuckin’ or suckin’. So I’ll do it to just about anyone. In fact, anyone at all! It’s kinda fun to watch a dude squirm around as I pound his meat. Today this big-dicked motherfucker let me jack him till he blew a wad in my hand…then, I ate it. Simple as that, so check me out!! You’ll be happy you did!!!

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