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Hey Dudes! My name is Cadence Caliber, and I’m here this week to get you off. But before I get you off, I think it’s only fair I get myself off first…which you watch, of course. I dunno what kind of vibrator these guys gave me, but damn! It got me off in nothing flat! Then, I give you a handjob. I look right into your eyes and, with a smile on my face, I jerk and jerk and jerk. I show my ass and my pussy and I tease you just like you want. Then, like the naughty girl I am, I slip the head of your cock into my tight little pussy. It’s a tease, of course, and I do it more than once before I get down on my knees and really work that load out of your balls. When I finally do, I open wide and take it all in my mouth. I play with it in my mouth and open wide so you can see, then it’s down the hatch! I’m a swallower — not a spitter — just cause I know how to show you how much I care! 🙂 XOXO – Cadence

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