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Hey Bitches! I’m Alexia Sky, and I wanna be the next Jenna Jameson! I’m a sassy 18 year old, and since I wanna be a porn star, I quit stripping in Flordia and headed west to try my luck in adult movies! Like I said, I’m sassy…a sassy spinner some call me, cause I’m very petite and I have an ass that will kill you!! Get this — I jerk off a dick and talk dirty to you, and this guy wanted to come so bad he’d have to run away from my pretty teen hands cause I was gonna make him pop in like 10 seconds! HAHAHA! So I jerk him to pop, and his dick doesn’t even get soft, so without missing a beat I jerk ANOTHER load out of him…I guess it helped that I teased his ball sac with my pretty fingernails, and I jerked his head slow and tight — tight like my little, barely-legal pink hole.

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