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Heya y’all – I’m Alexa Lynn, and today I am your massage therapist. Now that I’m all done with your back, let’s flip you over and work on your front. Go ahead…turn over. I won’t look. (wink wink) Well well well…that’s that buldge I see under your towel? Is that an injury? A groin injury, perhaps? From playing basketball? Well, I’ll have to take a closer look at that big old bump and see if I can rub it out. WOW! What is that? Like 12 inches big? Oh My God! It’s getting me all horny? Can I get naked with you? Hee hee…now, let’s start working on that big horse dick. Let me rub and tug it till you explode all over the place!!! And once you’re done, and I’m all done, then you’ll be relaxed and feel much, much better!

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