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Hi Guys! My name’s Riley Mason, and I’m the newest girl on I have a funny story for you. So I’m hired to jack a guy off and talk real sexy, and I guess I did just that. He’s a new guy, and he’s never really been in dirty movies before, and he kept having to take "breaks", if you know what I mean. So I got naked, and talked dirty, and started pulling his dick, and it was break time. Start again, then break time. Well, on the next break time, I look at him, and he’s holding his dick, and there’s jizz all over the place! He came!! The cameraman got kinda pissed, but I didn’t care, cause that meant I could jack another dick! Since this was a porno house, there were plenty of guys around, so I pulled on another dick until it made a mess everywhere! LOL. Oh, and I did it with lotsa lube and surgical gloves on. I even made the guy get doggy style to jack him! LOLOLOL. Bye!

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